Does the stackexchange engine allow for some shorthands to be used for more descriptive terminology so as to not alienate newcomers/anyone else not familiar with the jargon? Hover on the below:

I don't mind my 3-bet with a TPTK get beaten by a VBFDTHOTR because I have mad EV!

Maybe something along automatic annotation for common abbreviations or otherwise having them highlighted and titled? Looking at what's allowed here, I can see that there is no out-of-the box support for it except for link-style annotations above that take forever to type.

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I like this idea... the site glossary could be an actual semantic map of word -> definition, with a list of abbreviations, and any abbreviations found in questions or answers could have an appropriate abbr tag automatically added.

We would run into some conflicts however - for instance, tag is a fine word that may be used in many contexts, while TAG is deserving of an abbr tag.

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