There's currently a tag as well as . Similarly there are tags and . There are other possible variations that haven't happened to come up yet ("live-poker" for instance).

So I think it's pretty clear that there are two major categories here and that we need synonyms ( / should be synonyms and / should be synonyms). However, which names should be the main names? Are there other synonyms we need to worry about?

I think a large portion of questions will be tagged with one of these two, so it's important to do this right. I also think questions that relate equally to both can be left without one of these tags, but if you disagree you can include why in your answer.

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"Poker" in a tag is redundant and should be discouraged.

I like "live" and "online" for their simplicity.


Rely on the auto-completion of this system. If a user has a question about live play, they are going to type in L-I-V… to which will pop up . <-- That would be my choice. Anything else would be ambiguous.

For online play, the uses types in O-N-L-I… to which he will see . <-- Again, completely unambiguous.


"live" feels ambiguous to me, but I am probably an outlier.

My vote goes to [bricks-and-mortar] and [online-poker] being the primaries. No ambiguity.


I would go with "live" and "online" play, as these are most common with online poker media, tournament coverage and content.

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