Should these be allowed? This question about the hypothetical zoom bot, for example, is talking about creating a tool that is explicitly forbidden by the PokerStars TOS. It could certainly have been phrased in a way that implies an algorithm-centric view rather than explicitly a "I'm gonna create a bot" view, which might have been a little better. The question is way broad, which doesn't help... and the answers are weak, but that's mostly because this isn't an easy problem. And anyone who knows a good answer is unlikely to ever want to share that answer.

  • OP could have at least tried to disguise the question. I sure took zoom as PokerStars.
    – paparazzo
    Feb 16, 2016 at 18:36

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It may be prohibited by many sites for real money, but it could be used in a bot tournament for example. I agree it couldve been phrased differently, but I cant assume anything as I dont fully know how the creator intends to utilize it.

I dont mind leaving it up. I think its an interesting springboard into other Q's like, how a developer uses their own thought process and tries to code it into strategy. Also, whteher it gathers some insightful, detailed answers... unklikely as it is, maybe it will, I dont know.

  • I guess I interpreted "zoom" as the PokerStars brand of fast-action online cash game poker. Aug 21, 2015 at 17:41

In light of this question, I'm leaning towards no, we shouldn't allow questions about using them. I'm not opposed to general questions about writing poker playing software, as I have done some work on one, but when terms like bot or site specific poker variations, like zoom, are mentioned, I think that's when it crosses a line.

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