We have some new users that just disrespect the site

I agree the folks on this site are totally clueless about theory and dont understand basic facts, this is not an insult, just a basic fact.


A lot of bad advice here.


So, no, poker is not a game of skill you donkies


Its this Paparazzi troll, I downvoted his answers


I was told I was useless for suggesting to limit scope on a question.


The guy talking about dynamics doesn't understand what a Nash Equilibrium is.

For me once someone has called me a name I just never answer any of their questions.

I just let the mods handle and try and stay away from those users.

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  • I think you could add in some links for context. Tbh, I suspect negative users are present across most StackEnchange sites. – user4555 Aug 21 '17 at 12:36

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