It surprises me a lot that there are popular questions like these ones:

Just to name that particular topic. With the same emphasis I can recall that, long time ago, I wrote a question/answer of combinatorics and its application to poker, because I found several questions addressing that exact topic with a reduced scope of one particular hand.

Although Poker has a wide range of stuff you could mess with, I see a good quota of repeated questions hanging around, which are appropriately marked as duplicate.

I understand there are cases when a duplicate is useful (to an extent, having many synonims for a question is useful), but after reviewing the questions sometimes I'd like to call them to read the manual or, at least, read a kind of source we have in this site.

There is good material here (a notable example written recently by paparazzo) which could serve as a kind of documentation or pinned question/answers here.

Should we (and can we) pin content so the users can read them before posting a variant of the same questions? Do we have an equivalent of the StackOverflow's documentation tool here we could use?

  • +1 to the question and @herb-wolfe's answer. SE is so standardized though, if it goes on one site, it probably has to go on all the others. In short, youre not just trying to convince Poker.SE users. interesting idea though.
    – Toby Booth
    Apr 20, 2018 at 11:05

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When you go to ask a new question, after typing the title, there are recommendations for similar questions. Unfortunately, I suspect that most posters either ignore those, or don't think they are the same, because the hands are different.

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