It would be good to get the (inevitably long running) discussion started on this one, as everyone is likely to want to contribute something to this.

I'll refer you to the 7 Essential Meta Questions of Every Beta article for an idea of what this relates to. Numbers 4 and 5, to my mind, come under the purview of the design elements related to the question.

Go for it...

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I think that imagery having to do with traditional green table felt would be great. I think that a full-on table background would be too gaudy, but it might be possible to do something that suggests felt for the main column, with a rail for the edges.

As far as logos... hmm. The O in poker could be a chip, or the spine of the P could be a stack of chips. Just please no dice chips. I think a stack of red chips as the spine would actually look really cool.

We are also a site on the Stack Exchange network, and both the Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow logos are suggestive of stacks... We could work them into a poker theme fairly easily (chips or cards are both stacked in poker). I think we need to figure out what the "brand" of the site can be. Something better than Poker / poker.stackexchange.com. Again, playing off the stack brand could help, though I think we should avoid Stack Poker type names, since we wouldn't want to be confused with Stock Poker.

  • I like the idea of a red stack of chips as the spine of the P. The O as a chip seems overdone and cheezy. Jan 24, 2012 at 21:25
  • Changing the logo @Toby has below into a stack of chips would be cool. I'm for getting rid of the grid paper look of the site with something more 'felt-esqe'...
    – AlG
    Feb 3, 2012 at 17:19

I had the idea of taking the basic stackexchange logo...

SE Icon

and "cookie-cutting" it in such a way to represent a suit, i.e A spade (♠), a club (♣), a heart (♥), or a diamond (⋄). I will break out the image editor and post a pic here eventually.

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