Do you guys think the poker stackexchange needs a short hand dictionary? For people not used to poker forums, saying things like "Villian was OOP UTG when he PFR for 3x the BB" is confusing. I don't want to turn people away from the site, but I also don't want to turn the vets away. I think a shorthand dictionary page is in order here.


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From what I've seen of other Stack Exchange sites, we will want to add a link to the Glossary question to our FAQ. Whether that question lives on meta or the main site is another question. I think the main site would be better, because it can show up as a possible duplicate when someone starts typing a definition related question.

We should also probably change the title, from Is there a comprehensive source for poker terminology?, to something like "What does [poker term] mean?" This will give us the best chance of showing up as a possible duplicate. Perhaps the Stack Exchange team can chime in if another title would be more effective.

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