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If "which hand wins" questions are off-topic, what is the purpose of the reading-hands tag?

There has been some discussion about how "who wins this hand" questions should be handled and there doesn't appear to be any clear agreement or ruling on what the site's stance is on these kinds of ...
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Tag holdemanager should be renamed

We got a tag called holdemanager but this is wrong. It is called holdemmanager - so we should rename this tag. I would suggest name holdem-manager for this tracking software. Or is there a place ...
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Tag for different types of poker (collective)

I would suggest having a tag with a name such as "Poker-Styles" or simply "Styles" to direct people to questions related to the different poker games that are out there. Just a suggestion :)
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Should we merge [software] and [poker-tools] tags?

We have software and poker-tools tags both. Are they both point to the same concept? Let's look at example; Poker Software --> Poker Tracker: It has a database, it keeps a lot of statistics. It's big ...
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Should "nlhe" and "texas holdem" be synonyms?

Currently these are our most used tags. That is something I would expect to remain constant. Any question that is tagged "nlhe" could also be tagged "texas holdem" however there is the potential for "...
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Should tags with "poker" in the name be allowed?

It seems silly to me to have "poker" in the tags on a poker site. We currently have tags for "poker-theory" and "poker-tools". Should they stay as is, or be changed to "theory" and "tools"?
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How should we tag questions about live/online play?

There's currently a tag brick-and-mortar as well as live. Similarly there are tags online-poker and online. There are other possible variations that haven't happened to come up yet ("live-poker" for ...
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How should we introduce abbreviations in tags?

Making a tag like "EV" , or "ROI" seems the logical decision, but not everyone might know the meaning of everything. However writing "expected-value" and "return-of-investment" on tags seems like an ...
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