This closed question is the only source of the 2 tags variants and worldwide. I don't think those tags belong on the site. A question has to have at least 1 tag, but it seems a shame to let these 2 inappropriate tags live solely for a question that was closed.

If I recall, tags like off-topic or subjective are frowned upon. Can we edit the question to remove those 2 tags, while putting something more appropriate in their place?

If you think the tags do belong, why? What are examples of questions where they would be appropriate?


Tags are removed from the database automatically about a day after they are no longer in use. The solution is to retag the question appropriately so it does not hold on to ill-advised tags. If the community does its job, the question should eventually be deleted. That will take care of the problem, too.

And, no, adding place-holder tags like [off-topic] would not be appropriate. Those are meta tags and they are discouraged: The Death of Meta Tags.

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